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Pug Rat Terrier Mix

Is it me or are Pugs involved in more mix breeds than any other dog. If it’s not a Puggle it’s something else.  I guess the Pug is somewhat ideal for mixxing with its size, curly tale, compact body and that mug. This little mutt in the picture is a Rat Terrier Pug mix, a […]


Yorkshire Terrier Rat Terrier Mix

This Yorkshire Terrier Rat Terrier mix is lively with a great temperament. It’s friendly and great with children. He’s a bit territorial and barks when other dogs tread to close to home – but friendly with other animals (including cats) once acclimated. The full grown weight is 15-16 lbs, coloring is that of a Yorkie […]


Boston + Rat Terrier = Brat

mutt rat terrier boston terrier mix

Brat – Rat Terrier and Boston Terrier. These are typically smaller dogs, 16-20 pounds, but not quite as yappy as many small dogs. Great temperment though they can be occasionally aggressive.