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Barry the Pomeranian Terrier Mix

From Amanda: Barry is a Pomeranian Terrier mix.  He has Big eared, long legged, big toothed, curly tailed Dog. He`s stubborn, shy, territorial, and isn’t too good with big Dogs. Barry also loves to hunt, run, and play. He loves to jump and put his paws into water. Barry also loves walks but when not […]


Hank the Beagle Fox Terrier Mix

From Melissa: Hank is a Beagle Fox Terrier mix. He is the most lovable dog. He gives kisses 24/7. Hank does great impression of Chewbacca when he growls.


Spartagus the Alaskan Husky Fox Terrier Mix

From Jean: Spartagus is an Alaskan Husky Smooth Fox Terrier mix. He has short hair, long legs. He has one brown eye and one blue eye from the Husky side of the family. He has lots of energy and not to fond of other dogs.  


Rio the Border Collie Terrier Mix

From Monica: Rio is a Border Collie Terrier mix. He’s a five month old rescue from Oakland, CA. He’s quite smart and is learning lots of new tricks. He loves to stick his head out of the car window. He’s very energetic and sweet. We look forward to getting to know him better and for […]