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Susie the Toy Fox Terrier French Bulldog Chihuahua Mix

From Karla: According to Susie’s DNA, she is a French Bulldog/Toy Fox Terrier/Chi (French Taco Terrier). She is very energetic and clever. Although energetic, she also enjoys lounging around and was easy to train. Her skull is Chi-like but she has extremely long back legs and a Frenchie’s shoulders, with those adorable ears that you […]


Butter the Chihuahua Toy Fox Terrier Mix

From Alyssa: Butter is a Chihuahua Toy Fox Terrier mix. He is very funny and acts like a clown sometimes. He can jump 2-3 times his height and is active. He loves to be the center of attention and knows how to get your attention. He has a high prey drive and will chase things if […]


Addie Ann – Toy Fox Terrier Labrador Retriever Mix

From R.J.: Addie Ann is almost five months old in this picture. We adopted her from and SPCA and didn’t know what she was so we did a DNA test and it came back Toy Fox Terrier and Labrador Retriever  (didn’t even know that could happen). She is a very smart and easy to train […]