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Spooky the American Pit Bull Terrier Weimeraner Mix

He is the most loyal, mellow, sweet animal I have ever owned.I adopted him from the shelter a year ago and I can’t picture life without him. I wondered all this time if he was mixed with Weimeraner then I saw the photo of Finn and they could be twins


Enzo the Bull Mastiff Weimeraner Mix

From Emily: Enzo is a Bull Mastiff Weimeraner mix. Enzo is a feisty, full of energy little pup! He loves to run around and play, alot! But at the end of the day he’s totally laid back and mellow…Yet he’s still as cocky as one little puppy could be.


Poodle Weimaraner Mix

A Weimaraner Standard Poodle mix is a complete German mix. Poodles are often dubbed French but in fact their ancestry is German and before they were show dogs, they were great water dogs. The German bred Weimaraner is an all purpose field dog with a very distinct color between gray and liver. This combination would […]


Weimaraner Pit Bull Mix named Fin

From Candace: Fin is a great companion. Fin is a Weimaraner American Pit Bull Terrier mix or a Weimaraner Pit Bull Mix. He loves taking car rides, swimming, walking and dog parking! I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. Fin loves hanging out with his family including Lolly (Yorkshire Terrier/Chihuahua, chorkie) and Tallulah (Rottweiler/swiss […]