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Cujo the Siberian Husky Wolf Hybrid

From Alyssa: Cujo is a Siberian Husky Wolf mix. He tends to be aggressive around females in heat and will attack other males if a female is around. He is very difficult to train and loves to wander. He is a very independent dog. I am not sure about the wolf part, I know if […]


Sissy the Wolf Chow Chow Mix

From Taylor: Sissy is a Wolf Chow Chow mix. She has a blue tongue and her mane comes to a point not in a circle. When she bites she does a series of bites not 1 bite then hold.


Tala the Wolf Alaskan Malamute German Shepherd Dog Mix

From Roman: Tala is a Wolf Alaskan Malamute German Shepherd Dog mix. She’s a mid content wolfdog with gray wolf, malamute and GSD. She’s awesome! Very goofy and lovable, and not shy at all which many wolfdogs are. 🙂