Chihuahua Pug Mix – Charlie

Chihuahua Pug Mix Picture Photo

Chihuahua Pug Mix

From Melody: Charlie is a loveable two year old. He is  a beige Pug and Chihuahua. He of course has a smooth coat.  He has a little bit of a Pug snort but with that big Chihuahua personality.  He is surprisingly energetic and loves everyone he meets….so he’ll never get a job as a watch dog.

From AllMutt: For fun check out some other chihuahua mixes and pug mixes.


2 Responses to “Chihuahua Pug Mix – Charlie”

  1. Xavier says:

    charlie is beautiful! he looks wise and magical

  2. Elise says:

    “Charlie” is currently “Jax”. With careful examination, Jax was determined to be a Frenchie Pug. He is a calm dog, but only when he has his way with his toy collection.
    He always enjoys going to the dog park with the family and loves running with a pack. He’s a happy little fellow.

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