Pygmy the Shar-Pei Chihuahua Mix

Shar-Pei Chihuahua Mix picture

Shar-Pei Chihuahua Mix

From Kati: Pygmy is a Shar-Pei Chihuahua Mix. She is about 9 pounds and is as sassy as they come. Hilarious to watch play because she has such a personality. She has the wrinkles on her face like a sharpie (and the skin problems of that breed) but has a tiny little body. She plays best with the big dogs since she uses her big fat face as a weapon and muzzle punches dogs with it! Her best friend is my Pitbull. I rescued her from a high kill shelter where she had come in as a stray. I can’t imagine how anyone could not come to find her!

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