Tobby a Chihuahua Great Pyrenees

Chihuhua Great Pyrenees Mix Picture Photo

Chihuahua Great Pyrenees Mix

From Jay: Tobby is a Chihuahua Great Pyrenees mix. Full of energy, very protective, like lots of attention, hates water (rain, bath, beach, ect) loves to eat. He likes to play toss and catch , also easy to train.

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  1. Rowan says:

    How is that even possible?? HIGHLY skeptical of this as the actual mix here. O_O

  2. Debra says:

    How big is the great pyrenees/chihuahua mix breed? I do think it could be possible, but just wondered on the size of the mix. How tall and what’s the weight? I just got a chihuahua mix, and the previous owner told me he was papillon chihuahua mix, but he looks just like your dog, only he has longer hair. But evernthing else looks very similar. My husband said your dog looks much bigger, so I want to set the record straight and be able to tell him the exact height and weight of your dog!

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