Curly the Chinese Crested Dachshund Mix

Chinese Crested Dachshund Mix Dog Photo

Chinese Crested Dachshund Mix

Curly is a Chinese Crested Dachshund mix. Curly is an amazing dog.  He does show the typical “Velcro” trait (a Chinese Crested will stick to its favorite person like Velcro) of the Chinese Crested.  He barks like a hound.  And digs like a Dachshund.  When I tell people about him, they invariably say “Ewwww!”  Until they see him.

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  1. Nathan says:

    Back in 2003 I used to have doxies, 4, a male and three females. I live far out in the country by a creek that people would drop off dogs and in the spring I was taking a walk and a dog bounded up to me…at first I thought it was mange but once I looked closer the was bailing twine with a piece of fabric that was written “C. crested, in heat,2 expensive to fix and no pups wanted.Take it.” I was so mad!She had sun burned on her back, the sweetest disposition and just wanted to play. I took her home and she didn’t get along with my doxies and would run up to me want me to hug and hold her, so I named her “Huggy” and before I knew it she was pregnant by my male doxie. She four pups,two like the pic above, only partially hair, one fully haired and one with little to no hair. I came out the next day to check them out and the only one left was the fully haired one.I was so depressed, it seemed the other dogs didn’t want anything to do with those pups so the took care of them.I took “Huggy” and the last pup I named “Lucky” out to the barn and they survived, but the heat was so bad the pup would be panting clearly overheating so every day I went out and give it a little dunk in water to cool it off and he made it. Gave him to my sister who lives in Texas and he’s still alive, 10 years old and looks like a stocky black and tan doxie. A cousin took Huggy to save her from being bullied by the other dogs. She’s also still alive and lives in New Mexico……Thanks for the pic, brought back memories!

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