Tifa – Chinese Crested Shih Tzu Mix

Chinese Crested Shih Tzu Mix

Chinese Crested Shih Tzu Mix

From Gry: Tifa is the kindest dog. She loves people both children and old people. Whenever I tell people that I have a crested-mix they all say “eew”. But everyone melts when they meet her.

She seems like a 50-50 mix in the looks. She lacks hair on her stomach and throat, but have lots of hair anywhere else. She unfortunately has inherited the bad tooth gene from the Chinese Crested and have already lost a tooth. She has big round eyes.
She weighs about 5 kilos and her tail curls around sometimes.

She love being with me and other people. She can sleep on my lap for hours and can be a little couch potatoe. But she can also run very fast and jump very high.

Whenever someone we don’t know appears around the house without presenting themselves, she will bark to alert us.she also loves hunting bugs down. She doesn’t like to confront anything larger than herself.

She’s really smart, but sometimes looses the focus. But she knows exactly how to manipulate people;) she have learned several tricks.
She actually has 4 siblings from one litter and 5 from another litter. They all differ and some of them look like Shi Tzu’s and others like Chinese Crested. Tifa and 2 others look kind of in between, but still very different from each other.
They range from black, white and light brown.

She’s the best dog ever.

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  1. Becky says:

    Greetings from Raleigh, North Carolina USA
    Tifa looks just like my crested tzu mix, Lemon! She was sheltered after being rescued from a deplorable puppy mill and then adopted by me last week. I adore her and she she sounds exactly like Fifa in temperament.
    I am hoping to get some insight on hair and skin care for this particular hybrid, any tips? She has raging acne.
    Please write back if you can!

  2. Gry says:

    Becky: sorry for the late answer! I only stumbled across this now. I sometimes struggle with my dogs skin as well, but I have a couple of tips.

    1. I rarely bathe her. I wait until she smells weird:p

    2. When I do bathe her, I use shampoo designed for babies.

    3. I try as hard as I can to not pick on her acne, but if a really big(and sore) one shows up, then I gently try to pop it. But hygiene is very important if you decide to do that.

    4- aloe vera! I use this all the time to prevent scarring.

    5. When she has her period her acne is usually way worse than normal. Let the time take care of that one:)

    Aren’t crested tzu the best?:):):)

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