Chow Chow Rottweiler Mix with a little Pit Bull

Chow Chow Rottweiler Mix

Chow Chow Rottweiler Mix

From Morgan: Dexter is a Chow Chow Rottweiler Mix. He is also mixed with an American Pit Bull Terrier. He has double dewclaws on both back feet, Pitbull cheeks, all Brown with white markings and a black face with dark grey eyes.

He is laid back, a fast learner, good with kids, a little bit unsure with strangers until approached, and a little food aggressive but he’s still very young with time to train. He has folded ears but they may eventually perk up (parents genes), he’s short, stocky, and has a short, thick tail.

Dexter loves his belly rubbed and will fall asleep upside down. His mother is a friendly purebred red-nosed American Pit Bull Terrier, and his father is Rottweiler/Chow Chow mix.

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  1. Kaiann Leylani says:

    I’m interested in your pitbull puppy. Is it possible we can negotiate a price?

  2. thomas mason says:

    Is this dog available for adoption?

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