Red Heeler Chow Chow Mix – Shadow

Red Heeler Chow Chow Mix

Red Heeler Chow Chow Mix

From Christina: Shadow is a Red Heeler Chow Chow Mix. Shadow was the sweetest friend one could have. Fiercely loyal, and loving. He was my brother in law’s dog, and when he passed we took him in. We helped each other heal.

He got along famously with our pure breed Golden Retriever, and our brothers other dog, a German Pinscher mix. He even loved our two cats, and treated them like pack members. Shadow recently passed from old age, he was 14 yrs old. Best dog ever.

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  1. Alex says:

    Hi Christina, I was just wondering if your dog liked to swim and how long it took him to associate with the cats because my mom and I just found a dog that is Shadow’s double, I actually thought that was him. I went to the vet and no one knew what kind of dog he was, but after much research I came across this picture. If you could give me some information on your dogs nature that would be awesome! Thank you!

  2. Christina Germain says:

    First of all,

    Let me apologize to you Alex. I posted this shortly after Shadow’s passing and never really went to the site again. My Fiance was looking at pics of chow mixes and was infinitely surprised to see Shadow’s picture in the images. He looked at the site, not knowing I had put his picture up on it. It was then that he informed me I had a comment that I had missIt. So even though it probably won’t help now that it’s two years later, I’ll still answer your question.

    Shadow was weary about being sprayed with water, but he loved bath time, and often just sat in the water with a sleepy pampered face. Not sure if it was because of his breeds, or if it felt nice on his old achy bones, but he generally liked water. I knew of instances that he happily chased cats in my brother’s back yard, but when we introduced him to our indoor cats it was very different. One of them was just a baby kitten, and he instantly went into protective pack member mode. He was patient with her as she grew, and very gentle with her, even when she tried his patience. Again, I’m not sure about how it would be with others like him, but socializing when one of the parties is younger can help bring out the pack instincts, or they can view it as easier prey. Best thing to do is supervise interaction until you know there will be no problems.

    Overall he was really a wonderful companion. Loving, protective, loyal, etc. He WAS particularly territorial with strange men. Out of all three dogs we owned, He’s the only one that I ever saw raise his teeth to a visitor. He had to be made familiar with guests with us supervising. But once he knew them there was never any issues. He sacred the daylights out of our mailman more than once. But I never once felt threatened or scared with him. I could flip him on his tummy, play growl at him and he would nip and act like a puppy, but if I used a certain tone of voice he would immediately stop and calm down. He really was a one in a million.

    I hope everything worked out for you and the Chow mix you were inquiring about.

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