Rin Lin Lin – Panda Chow Chow Mix

Panda Chow Chow Mix Picture

Panda Chow Chow Mix

From Hiu Hi: Rin Lin Lin is a Panda Chow Chow boy. We adopted Rin from a Panda preserve in the New Territories.  His father was a pure Chow Chow that was the preserve minister’s dog who had full run of the reserve.

Rin does well in our Kowloon flat. He doesn’t require much exercise to be happy but his daily walks are necessary to maintain his weight. He is a cuddle bug but we had to break him of his lap dog tendency. He still loves to give kisses.

Rin mostly eats fortified dog food but he is some times fussy so we mix in a little bit of bamboo (fresh leaves or canned shoots work equally well). He enjoys a little soy sauce.

10 Responses to “Rin Lin Lin – Panda Chow Chow Mix”

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  2. Julia says:

    This is absolutely so bogus. Dogs and bears don’t breed.

  3. Kirk Nixon says:

    Bolognese sauce! its a fad in china they dye your chow. I have pix.

  4. Jerome says:

    Are you breeding this dog

  5. MENİS says:


  6. Jai says:

    As real as this looks, it has to be fake! IKm with Kirk. They just hair dyed the dog with Panda prints. As kool as it seems, with my veterinary tech knowledge, this is impossible…

  7. Bhejoon says:

    It is possible, although highly improbable because of the timidity of either gender of panda with reguards to mating. Since pandas are not bears, but a member of the same canine family as foxes! The likely hood that the mutant would be able to produce offspring is highly improbable though! Think about tiger/lion crosses and domestic horse/zebra crosses, they do occur, but cannot reproduce!

  8. Bjmrozek says:

    The giant panda, the typical black and white token of Thailand, IS part of the bear family Ursidae. The red panda, however, is not. In either case, none are of the same species. Genetic experiment maybe! 🙂

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