Rosco the Pekingese Chow Chow Mix

Pekingese Chow Chow Mix Picture

Pekingese Chow Chow Mix

From Liz: Roscoe is a Pekingese Chow Chow mix. Roscoe is still a young puppy so we are not too sure about his personality and looks…especially compared to the breeds the DNA test revealed. We thought he was a golden retriever mix…maybe border collie. He is smart and has been very easy to train. He does get upset when people leave (I talk him to the office during the week) and will nip at people’s ankles if h thinks they are heading to the door. He will also bark at any of the staff members that are not paying attention to him.
He is a very mellow dog most of the time. He also as an incredibly soft coat, long straight tail with short hair, and fluffy ears that are always perked. Whatever he is…he is adorable and sweet.

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