Shay the Chow Chow Shetland Sheepdog Mix

Chow Chow Shetland Sheepdog Mix image dog

Chow Chow Shetland Sheepdog Mix

From Christopher: Shay is a Chow Chow Shetland Sheepdog. She loves to play with her humans or other dog especially her boyfriend Otis whose looks like a Rottweiler. Also on warm days she loves to sun bathe.

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  1. David says:

    Dear Christopher,

    we had a gorgeous kelpie x (cattledog x german shepherd) that looked identical to Shay. Exactly the same markings and hair length. I feel that when there are mixed breeds there is very often a default to a certain set of characteristics. I have met 5 other dogs of different mixed breeds that look very similar.

    Best of health and long life to Shay. If she is anything like my Indira was, you are extremely lucky to have her.



  2. Donna says:

    Hey Christopher! Your dog looks so similar to mine! I would love to send you a few pictures of my pup because I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of mix she is. My email is donnairenephotos@gmail.com 🙂 And my dog also loves to sun bathe, haha!

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