Toby the German Shepherd Dog Rottweiler Mix

German Shepherd Dog Rottweiler Mix Photo Picture

German Shepherd Dog Rottweiler Mix

From Amy: Toby is a Rottweiler German Shepherd Dog mix. He was found when he was about 4 weeks old with his Mama and 8 siblings in our backyard. We found the owners and they did not want the pups. I was able to find a home for one and the “owners” ended up taking 2, a shelter took 4, and we kept one, Toby. We were told he is German Shepherd, Rott, Lab and Chow. The Vet said he can get up to 110 lbs. Toby is a Very good dog and loved very much! Three weeks prior to finding Toby we adopted a 10 week Lab Mix puppy from the local shelter.

3 Responses to “Toby the German Shepherd Dog Rottweiler Mix”

  1. kimboley says:

    what a handsome young man.

    • amy says:

      I think he is absolutely gorgeous, lol! He is the sweetest and best dog I have ever had! I could not ask for a better dog! Can you tell I am very proud of this little guy? I am so glad we found him and were able to keep him, I cannot imagine not having him in our lives!
      My niece kept one of his siblings and he sounds just as sweet! I hope the four that went to the shelter were able to find loving homes. I recently found out that one of the two that the “owners” took was running loose and got into coyote poison and died, very sad.

  2. kimboley says:

    and hurray for you for the adoption. (it’s always good to hear that people are adopting, not buying from breeders)

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