Indy the Collie Mix

Collie Mix picture

Collie Mix

From Alex D.:  This is Indiana (Indy), he is 6 months old by Sept 2012 and is 18 inches tall. We adopted him from a local rescue. He has the best type of personality I could have hoped for. He is loyal to you as long as you present yourself as alpha. He has a ton of energy, loves to run and play with people and all types of dogs. He is extremely smart for example he learnt commands and body language very quickly and is a crate escape artist. He does not “talk” very much. However he does different ‘yawns’ that indicate different ways he is feeling. Anyway, here is the problem I would love to know what other breed or breeds are in him. I thought he could have husky, but he is so loyal and doesn’t really talk or take off and hunt. But of course, I have never owned a husky or a German Shepard (that he could be mixed with) so any ideas or helpful input would be appreciated. Because if I know the other breeds I can be a better trainer and owner so I can give him everything he needs. He is SUCH A GOOD BOY. *And the collie side is obvious when he plays because he nips dogs in the ankles in an effort to herd them together.

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