Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Jack Russell Dachshund Mix Picture

Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Jack Russell Terrier’s can be a little bit hyper (just a little) so it would be interesting to see that energy in some little Dachshund legs and stretched out over that body. Cute dog no matter how its personality turns out!

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  1. Teri says:

    I have to have this dog! I have a Boarder Collie/Plotthound mix that looks EXACTLY like this. I wish so much I could post a picture for you to see this. Its amazing!

  2. Peter Muriana says:

    We recently acquired a (supposed) Jack Russell Terrier via a rescue/adoption service. We weren’t trying for some full bread Jack or anything, but like it since our beloved JRT, Toby, had to be put down recently (I really agonized over that and took it hard…the little guy was my best buddy). The new guy, well, he’s as cute as could be, but there’s some noticeable differences that even though he was billed as a ‘Jack Russell Terrier’, struck both my wife and I as being partly another mix as well. The mouth has this ‘smirchy’ smile toward the back corners of the mouth, like a dachshund. Also, my prior JRT had short, straight, hair bristles that would just stick into your clothing; my black work slacks would be noticeably covered when he got off my lap. The new fella, has a silky smooth hair, the ‘brown’ is sort of reddish, and doesn’t seem to shed anywhere close to what my JRT did. Personality, they are miles apart. The JRT/Toby, would have been a professional hockey/soccer goalie, nothing got by that guy within reason. He seemed to be able to anticipate where the ball would be going and stop it cold, or snag it out of the air. The RJT-dachshund/Scout, he is happy to watch the ball go by and then give chase. He also likes to spend time on his back, rubbing it on the ground, easily spend 20 min at a time on his back; the JRT/Toby, didn’t like being on his back, would sneeze if he spent 20 seconds on his back. The JRT was rock/stick-oriented. Toss one and you’d spend the next 30 min tossing, fetching and re-tossing it to him….he’d make you play. The new JRT-dachshund, isn’t so much interested in fetching, or chewing on a stick, rock, pecan in shell. Really liked both of them regardless, but they are/were completely different. Toby, will always miss/love you little fella…. you trained us well to be good pet owners and hope to share that with Scout. Remembering you forever, dad.

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