Eve the Dachshund English Bulldog Mix

English Bulldog Dachshund Mix picture

Dachshund English Bulldog Mix

From Jessa: Eve is a strong willed, stubborn mix. She is quite independent, not a cuddle dog, etc. I got her as a six month year old puppy and that was quite a challenge – but it was more our style of ignorant dog ownership than her being flawed.

She is quite stubborn and seems to lack the inherent desire of most dogs to please her owners – she wants to do what she wants, on her terms, on her timing. Which makes her a bear to train, but it is not impossible. I have currently trained her to be a psychological service dog. Whether by fluke of her noticing my ‘issues’ or what, she does a pretty great job of helping me out. When I fleetingly catch glimpses into her personality it makes things much easier and training is much improved.

She is three years old and still looks like a puppy of some larger, monstrous breed. I think she will always look as a puppy. Her current weight is around 45lbs, and she is not over weight, I can still see a waist in there! Very food driven and a real lovebug in her own way.

The only caution I would give to individuals desiring to acquire this breed is that joint problems are a bit of a concern, her back legs sit higher than her front which resemble more of a dachshund, so she does experience some stiffness.

Other than that, a great watchdog, a great play companion and loves her walks!

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