German Shepherd Dachshund Mix

German Shepherd Dachshund Mix Picture

Dachshund German Shepherd Mix

Ruben is a German Shepherd Dog Dachshund mix.  He has red-brown hair, brown eyes. he has a black snout and a black cape. He likes to dig and hunt. He was kinda aggressive at first but mellowed down and now is very sweet. He is VERY protective of me and his house. I love him to pieces.

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  1. Sara says:

    Hey, I’m just wondering if a female dachshund & a male german shepherd can have puppies?

    • AllMutt says:

      I would think the pups would be quite big for her to carry near the end of her term. It also might require a C-section. I’d check with your vet to be sure.

    • roseviolet says:

      Not sure about that way. But I have a daschund-german shepard mix and the father was the daschund and the mother was german shepard. I wouldn’t try the other way!!! My dog looks just like a black and tan daschund with the biggest chest you ever seen. I think 27 of his 30 lbs is in his chest and no he is not overweight!

    • Madison says:

      Yes it is possible my friend had a female dachshund who got pregnant by a male german shepherd she only had 2 pups.

  2. B says:

    Hey, I have a dog that is suppose to be the same mix. I would like to know how old he is in this picture and how big he is fully grown. I recently had to give a dog to a family friend because he is too big when I finally was ready to get another I was told he was 8 months an fully grown come to find out he is 8 weeks and I worried i will lose him as well. So I’m looking for an idea of how big he will get.

  3. chris says:

    Oh my goodness!!! My dog looks exactly like him! We could never figure out his breed until now! We always called him a baby German shepard! Do you still have him? What state are you in? Wouldn’t it be crazy if we got them from the same litter??

  4. roseviolet says:

    I have a german shepard daschund mix but he looks exactly the opposit. He looks like a daschund on steroids. Body is like a daschund but just supersized. He is very long and his chest is huge. He is the black and tan variety. He is super long! We call him Bam Bam (thought that was appropriate!) His mother was the shepard his dad the daschund. I would hate to see it the other way around.

  5. Jo says:

    Finally, now I know the breed and mix of my dog! My dog, Apollo, looks exactly the same as the dog in the photo. They look like twins. Funny enough, I am American but I live in Europe. I live in Amsterdam but I adopted the dog in Italy, near Turin. It doesn’t end. The dog was found by a friend’s brother in the Italian Alps, one paw completely busted up. He took it to his brother’s farm near Turin. My friend in Turin had the dog on a chains to guard the farm. He was on chains for 1 1/2 year at the farm. Now he lives in Amsterdam and enjoys lots of admiration, no shortage of dog sitters or people who wants to steal him.

  6. Donovan says:

    My daughter called from a friends begging us to let her have a puppy her friend was selling. When she told us it was a German Shepard dachshund mix, we thought she was kidding. Needless to say it is, and the mother was the dachshund. Hank has the body of a dachshund, color, face and snout of a Shepard. He’s slender and a big goof. Think that he thinks he is a full Shepard because he tries making jumps and fails miserably and when running tries making cuts and ends up tumbling. He’s a champ

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