Little Bit the Rhodesian Ridgeback Dachshund Mix

Rhodesian Ridgeback Dachshund Mix Picture Photo

Rhodesian Ridgeback Dachshund Mix

From Liz: Little Bit gets called a Lab puppy. She is beautiful but longer than a Lab, shorter than a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and taller than a Dachsund. She has a mohawk! She is extremely intelligent and very loyal. Little Bit does get grouchy if she misses her nap, but she is usually sweet to everyone. She loves to run and play in the yard with her favorite toys, chicken and rooster. Little Bit is an incredible pet. We love her very much.

Dogs are awesome! I would like to breed Dachsund Rodesian Ridgeback mixed dogs. I have never seen or heard of another dog like my Little Bit.

3 Responses to “Little Bit the Rhodesian Ridgeback Dachshund Mix”

  1. Rowan says:

    Does she have the ridgeback? How do you know this is her mix?

  2. kristenbutt says:

    She looks just like my pup and has a mowhawk as well!

  3. Donna Johnson says:

    There is one here ,a male,e-mail me will send pics

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