Labrador Retriever Dutch Shepherd Mix

Labrador Retriever Dutch Shepherd Mix Picture

Dutch Shepherd Labrador RetrieverMix

From Jennifer: Blue is a very loyal family dog … Loves to play and cuddle. We got him for free from a friend and we have no idea what he is .. We think a Labrador mix? He is one of the coolest dogs we’ve ever had. He was jet black when he was born but now at 5 yrs old has full body brindle. Snaps like a Doberman Pinscher, the colors of a Dutch Shepherd, but the body of a Black Labrador Retriever. He howls when he barks, he’s a riot !!

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  1. Molly says:

    Hi, I have a dutch shepherd and have had a labrador. He does have a bit of a lab head but have you looked into Plott Hounds? They were just recognized by AKC recently and they can be brindle like that. Not sure about other traits. Good luck.

    • Ty says:


      We have a Plott Hound. Your dog looks very similar. I can send you a picture of her if you would like. We got her from the Humane Society.

  2. Marie says:

    I bought a German Shepherd, come to find out the litter was spilt, we think he’s a lab cross. Has a shepherd body, drop ears and brindle coloring turning darker on top of his body. He’s almost 4 months old now. Very smart dog, super devoted. Guess you gotta love the mutts he’s one great dog.

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