Leia the Rhodesian Ridgeback English Pointer Mix

Rhodesian Ridgeback English Pointer Mix pictures

Rhodesian Ridgeback English Pointer Mix

From Danielle: She’s sweet and loving… energetic and curious. We rescued her from a shelter and the people only had her English Pointer breed listed however the ridge on her back is unmistakable Rhodesian Ridgeback and later confirmed by our veterinarian.

When playing Leia loves to provoke and evade. She is very lean and agile good at jumping. Very quiet unless she is threatened or encounters other dogs. She is very protective of my husband and I but not overly aggressive.

I have always had smaller dogs growing up and although Leia is only 4 months old (2 months when we adopted her) she is bigger than any dog I have previously owned but I love that about her.She definitely fits into our new little family. She is a great Dog!

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