Milo Jose – Red German Pinscher Pug Mix

Red German Pinscher Pug Mix Photo Picture

Red German Pinscher Pug Mix

From Hannia: Milo Jose is a Red German Pinscher Pug mix. He is the best of both breeds, he has the spark of the pincher and the sweetness of the pug, great temper, totally cuddly and lovable, a tad on the hyper side. He also boasts with determination, super kind, doesn’t have a tad of aggression, the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet. Physically is also a mix, Milo got the red fur of his German Pinscher dad and a slight larger muzzle, but this is all good cause he does breath better. The round eyes and the tail of the pug with the slimmer body of the Pinscher, the huge pug ears make him even more adorable and he ends looking somewhat like a mini boxer, just less muscular. He is super active and loves to run but also bodes well for smaller houses or apartments. The mixed breed is known as a Puggin and they’re very rare here, every time i take him out people approach wanting to meet him and he’s always happy to oblige.

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  1. Tim says:

    I also have a pug mix who luckily inherited the non-pug snout. He has some serious biting/chewing power in his jaws. He’s pug/schnauzer I’m kind of trying to figure out where the jaws come from. As a 3 or 4 month old puppy he destroyed the solid oak leg(3″x5″) of a coffee table! He’s grown up and moved beyond chewing things he isn’t supposed to now(he’s 4 years old). Does your dog have crazy power jaws? I had to stop buying rubber chew toys ’cause he ATE all of ’em! Within the 1st 2-3 days! I only get him real bones now. And they don’t last any longer, but at least they’re not rubber. Marrow is good for him… right? How did you get that comparison chart?

  2. Hannia says:

    He basically is a big chewer, he can get through a sizable bone (the ones that are eatable but not “real”) in no time, pugs have as far as I can tell strong jaws cause their mouth is so little, he does hold itself back when he doesn’t want to destroy something like you know my hand! he is very good at chewing wood but not furniture as of now, just like picture frames, gotta be careful cause a splinter might lodge in his system. He didn’t get the pug snout but still from time to time he does get the typical revserse sneezng but the episodes are rare and not too scary. The comparison chart was put on place by the site after soen characteristics I listed in the post.

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