Deegan the Pharoah Hound German Shepherd Dog Mix

Pharoah Hound German Shepherd Dog Mix

Pharoah Hound German Shepherd Dog Mix

From Helen: Sleek golden fur, yellow eyes (were blue when he was a puppy), pink nose, muscular build, slight greyhound hump on back, tall, great with kids, and active.

Deegan is a rescue that I have been re-rehabilitating so he could live with us in his forever home. He has a fear of men, but he has become a great family dog through hard work and patience.

I really just have a curiosity about what kind of dog he since the people I rescued him from told me he was red-nose pit bull and border collie mix. Funny, huh!

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  1. Adodge says:

    Basenji, with a mix I’m sure. But think Basenji. With no German Sheppard. Does he have a mow-hawk(ridged-back hair) when excited or nervous? That plus the pink nose and pointed ears. Basenji/ Rhodesian Ridgeback maybe.:)

  2. Linzie says:

    HI my names Linzie and recently i was given a puppy that resembles the exact dog above! I was told she was a bull mastiff German Shepard mix but shes only 18 weeks at this point in time. My names linzie ball you can find me on facebook from the westland region i really have alot of questions if youd be willing to answer them i just want to know how big she’ll get and if your dog is overly energetic also. Thanks

  3. Ana says:

    Hi! I know this i a few years late but I was wondering if you live in the LA/OC counties in California? My friend has a dog that looks EXACTLY like Deegan and was told it was a vizsla / german shepherd mix. He was a puppy in 2011. His owners have been searching for other dogs like him but have had no luck until now! Pleat let me know if you’re in the area, I’m sure they’d love to meet up and have their dog meet Deegan!

  4. jojobil says:

    He look like a pharaoh hound indeed cross.:) I did a dna with Wisdom dna. It’s affordable and my one came back as a pharaoh hound/cirneco dell etna (as in the sicilian hound, which looks like a small pharaoh hound or podenco) and mix breed. Deegan is gorgrous.

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