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Shepherd Leonberger Mix

From Mochaw: Drogo is a German Shepherd Mix with Leonberger. I adopted Drogo at 3 months of age. He jumped at me and attempted to playfully bite & chew at my hand the second I met him. He comes from a litter of 5 pups. The mother is rather very short-haired, grey, short, with a small (not flat) muzzle, and very calm. She was the size of her pups, and generally looked like a small whippet.
I’ve seen a picture of the pups at a young age, 4 of them were mostly black, but one was beige and had husky-like markings, another one grew to have perfect gsd markings.
Drogo was small, and extremely fluffy all over except for his tail, which curled up on his back. Most of his coat consisted of very curly fur. Now, at 7 months of age, it lost its softness except for at the sides. It grew longer around his ears, neck, a fair bit of his shoulders, and a line that runs halfway to his back. Thick enough for it to be hard to bathe him right. His tail grew VERY bushy and somewhat long. He also developed a lot of curly fur around the back of his back legs.
He, along with the entire litter, are expected to be of medium height, leaning more towards knee height. I think he’s bigger and taller than his mother now. This German Shepherd Mix certainly did grow longer but not much taller. Last month he weighed around 16 kgs/32 pounds.
As for his personality, he absolutely adores children. On walks, though, he is rather wary of all people. In fact, he refuses to walk and would rather sit and watch them. Should a person be walking behind us, and I insist on walking anyway, he would continuously keep jumping and lurching backwards. Seems scary to them, but in reality he’s actually scared. Should we go to the vet’s though or a similar environment, he’s generally cautious until we sit down. He then wags his tail at everyone, and try to make them notice him as if *they’re* his owner. Yet, he won’t actually let them touch him, as if he would rather be admired from afar.

He’s not too affectionate, and would rather play and run around. He jumps up a lot. Very mouthy by nature. Loves other dogs, no matter how aggressive they can get. He’s been around cats. He loves to groom and chase our cats, as if unaware of his size. It’s a different story when it’s a strange cat in the neighborhood, however. With birds, it seems that he would like to actually hunt them than play with them. He’s also a very intelligent dog. Sometimes stubborn, but would perform every trick in the book if he wants something. Also very quick to learn. He has a dominant personality, would partially listen to family, but only completely obeys whoever has the strongest character. Very energetic and driven. Loves to dig. Never fetches, but would run after an object you throw and take it for himself. Would rather run and wrestle.

I really hope someone could guess what breeds could be in him. I apologize for making it lengthy. All the guessing is making me crazy.

German Shepherd Mix would make great Leader Dogs for the Blind.

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  1. That looks just like my dog Charlie! Except he has a white front paw. We rescued him from a local animal shelter and we werent sure what type of breed he was. His sister was also beige with Husky like markings. Very interesting!

    • Reem says:

      They couldn’t be siblings, now, could they? I wonder if you posted info about Charlie. Anyway, what do you think they have in them? People I meet at the vet’s insist that he’s at least partly a labrador, others, the vet included, say that he has the overall look of a shepherd. Is yours on the short side still or has he grown large?

  2. Lauren says:

    This looks EXACTLY like our pup! We got him for a shelter too and we think he is about a year old this month. The fluffiness, hair length, ears, tail, coloring, everything seems exactly the same. I wish we knew what he was! Everyone tells us shepherd but nothing more than that.

    • Mochawtz says:

      I think he looks like an aussie shepherd most. There are also breeds that have brindle dogs with black masks, they could be partly that.. Your dog might be different, but as mine got older, his face looked more and more like a lab’s. Acts a 100% like a shepherd though. It doesn’t matter, but I still want to know what breeds went into making a dog that looks like this.

  3. Lee says:

    You might look into Dutch Shepherd as part of the mix. Brindle, can be long coat, can have white on paws and chest, and are mouthy puppies.

  4. Hannah says:

    My best friend has an adorable pup just like that. She’s from Georgia where there is a number of strays with this brindle coloring. We’re almost positive she’s a plott hound chow mix with maybe some Aussie shepherd. Definitely check out plott hounds!

  5. Amy says:

    This looks a lot like our new rescue Ryder. We are located in New Jersey, but our pup was transported here from a high kill shelter in Georgia. I find it very interesting that there have been other similar looking strays picked up in Georgia. I wonder if they could be related to Ryder. He looks very similar to yours, except no white on his feet. After doing some online research, I believe he could be Long Haired Golden Brindle Dutch Shepherd, and possibly a flat coat retriever mix. We also have a German Shepherd, and they get along as if they’ve know each other their whole lives. Ryder is believed to be about two years old, give or take. I am curious to find out if the other similar pups are around the same age. I would love to hear more!

  6. Aly says:

    Whoa! He looks just like mine – from the ears down to the paws. I am shocked with how similar your dog looks like mine. When I rescued my pup last year in San Diego, the shelter stated that he was just a shepherd mix. I was so curious that I ended up swabbing his mouth for a DNA test. It came back with primarily German Shepherd and Long Haired Dachshund. I have been searching for a pic that looks like him and now I’ve found it!

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