German Shepherd Greyhound Mix

German Shepherd Greyhound mixCharlie is a friendly three year old brown brindle neutered male Shepherd/Greyhound who was found wearing a ratty blue collar with no tags. in El Monte on May 16th and brought into the Baldwin Park shelter. Weighing seventy pounds this medium energy boy walks okay on the leash and has had some minimal training. Very eager to please and outgoing, Charlie will make a great indoor running buddy and companion pet for an active family living in a private home.

Mutt – Greyhound German Shephard

5 Responses to “German Shepherd Greyhound Mix”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Where are you located? Is he still in need of a home?

  2. Marion says:

    he looks absolutely beautiful. how would someone know if these wonderful “doggees” have been adopted. it would be great if your website had a piece showing dogs that have been adopted.

    • AllMutt says:

      I have been thinking I should have categories like Rescue, Fostered, Adopted, RIP since those kind of things are common and could be useful and encouraging. Good idea!

  3. Telana says:

    Chopper my dog looks like Charlies twin , no joke,,were in Mi, but I would love to get another grey/shep mix they are smart, good with everyone, & very handsome!!!

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