German Shepherd Labrador

German Shepherd Labrador Mutt

Labrador Retriever German Shepherd Mix

Here’s a good looking, smart, loyal dog if you ever saw one.  There’s no telling if he’d be more likely to round up some sheep and criminal suspects or if he’d be happier diving into the water to retrieve whatever was out in the pond.  There is no doubt this Labrador Retriever German Shepherd mix would be great in any household.

3 Responses to “German Shepherd Labrador”

  1. cheese says:

    i <3 LOVE IT!!!

  2. lisa says:

    do you have a more recent picture? i’m considering adopting a puppy who is of the same mix and looks almost identical to this little one. i was wondering what they look like as older dogs. Please post or contact if possible for you to send me a picture. this dog is absolutely adorable by the way

  3. Emma says:

    So cute. Looks like a black mouth cur to me though.

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