German Shepherd Mix – Rosie

German Shepherd Mix picture

German Shepherd Mix

From Nicole: Rosie is a 2.5 year old German Shepherd mix whom I rescued from the Humane Society when she was 4 months old. They did not know what other breeds she was, nor did they know her history except that she had been very sick as a puppy. Our best guess is that she is also part Border Collie and possibly Labrador Retriever.

She is fully grown at 47 lbs. and is in very good health. Her coloring is German Shepherd, but she has softer facial features, and collie-like hair behind her ears. The rest of her coat is extremely soft and smooth.
Now, Rosie is an extremely energetic dog who loves to play fetch and tug-of-war. She loves to go to the beach and hiking. She is also very loving, cuddly, and mommy and daddy-oriented. She gets jealous when we play with or pet another dog. She gets frightened very easily, and will urinate if too nervous or overexcited. When we take her to the dog park, she loves to play with other German Shepherd mixes and huskies. She will always go right to a husky to play, but usually shies away from pure bred Shepherds. She is very good at adapting her style of play to whatever other dog she is playing with at the time. She is extremely fast, agile, and strong!

She demonstrates a hunting posture whenever she smells, hears, or sees a smaller animal (ducks, birds, squirrels, etc.), so I know she definitely has some type of hunting breed in her as well.

She learns new tricks pretty quickly and easily, but often times her fear and anxiety cause her to seem less than intelligent. She has absolutely mastered the “puppy-dog eyes”, and can coerce even the most stubborn of people to pay her attention with just a look.

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