Hound German Shepherd Mix named Duke

Hound German Shepherd Mix

German Shepherd Mix with Hound

From Amy: Duke is Hound German Shepherd Mix. He is fun, loving, cute, lots of energy. He loves to sit in front of the heater and is very sharp toothed and he loves to chew. He sniffs everything and everyone. He knocks on doors to get in and out. Has eaten over 50 toys and chewed four beds.

Love to be around women but he barks very loud around strange men. Cries when my son’s leave to go home. Gets excited when we turn to go to his vet. Loves to eat table food but hates dog food.

I love Duke with all my heart adopted from ASAP for my son 20th birthday. He was 6 weeks old. He is now 14 months and 72 lbs.

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