Pumba the Mutt

Mutt Picture


From Jasmine: This is Pumba, she will be 2 in August. We’ve had her since she was able to leave her mommy..which we believe was a Miniature Pinscher. There was a lot of dogs there running around, owners not sure whom impregnated the mom. Please help us try to figure out what breed she is. From her melanistic mask I am leaning toward German Shepherd , from her long reddish coat I am thinking Golden Retriever of some sort maybe even a setter. She does bark a lot and is sometimes hard to get her to be quiet because she thinks if she mumbles it I can’t her her lol..also she is GREAT with the kids and loves to do tricks, she catches on relatively quick! She loves to run, from circles to fetching a stick..however she won’t drop it lol! Her tail does curl a little not much like a pug but like a lazy Chow Chow lol. I would have to say she is about 30-40 lbs and on all fours she is about to my knees standing up she reaches my chest. I hope this is enough info for a lil feedback! Thank you for your time and interest in Pumba!!

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