Rottweiller German Shepherd Mix

Rottweiller German Shepherd Mix Picture

Rottweiller German Shepherd Mix

Buddy has the color markings of a Rottweiler and German Shepherd dog. He is a big dog, usually around 80 pounds like a rott would be but not a stocky as a rott, more like a shepherd.  He has the ears more like a rott and his snout and face are either like a shepherd or a pit bull, we aren’t very sure if he may have pit bull in him also.

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  1. kailey says:

    this rottweiler german shephard mix is absolutely beautiful! my idea of the perfect breed of dog! smarts, agility, and love!!! gorgeous!!!

  2. b ware says:

    did buddys ears stand by them self by being mixed some say its impossible

  3. b ware says:

    Did buddy’s ears stand by themselves, please e mail me at dadashyshy AT yahoo.com.

  4. GSDowner says:

    This dog does not have the ears of a rottweiler like you describe. Rottweilers have soft hanging triangular shaped ears, shepherds have erect large ears like pictured above.

    Also bicolored shepherds can have that exact coloring so this may not be a mutt after all.

    • Aj Vaughan says:

      Hi I’m buddy’s owner he’s nearly 4 now and is a cross German Shepard and rottie mum Shepard dad rottie, his ears stood on there own

  5. Aj Vaughan says:

    Hi, I couldn’t believe this I just googled German shephard cross rottweiller and my dog is there, I’m the lucky owner of buddy he’s nearly four now, and I agree he is gorgeous, his dad was a rottie and a big one at that, his mum the shephard, his ears did stand on there own when he got to about 6 or 7 months, I will try to upload a pic of him as a pup for the person who doubted he was a cross breed

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