Zuce the Saint Bernard German Shepherd Dog Mix

Saint Bernard German Shepherd Dog mix picture

Saint Bernard German Shepherd Dog mix

From Michelle: Zuce is a Saint Bernard German Shepherd Dog mix. My dog is a very smart dog. He was very easy to train, by the 4th month he knew”sit”, “lay down” “fetch” and “go potty”. Now he is 6 months old and weighs a whooping 70 lbs! He is very stocky, with a thick straight tail. Zuce never barks, but alerts if someone is in the yard, he is a PERFECT guard dog. He whimpers and tries to talk to people. My dog eats a main meal in the morning, Racheal Ray dog food or Pure One and a high protein diet with home made dog treats and other raw foods. Zuce’s favorite treat is pig ears. Zuce loves eating, fetch, playing in the water, car rides and fetch. Zuce is still a puppy but acts like a full grown dog. We got him few weeks after he was born for Christmas and I carried him around like a baby for the first month, so he is very attached and protective of me. I don’t know if Zuce knows he is a dog but he is a wonderful pet and I consider him a part of my family and friend.

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