Golden Doodle – Poodle Golden Retriever Mix

Golden Retreiver Poodle Mix

Poodle Golden Retreiver Mix

The Golden Doodle, Standard Poodle Golden Retriever mix is one of the most popular mix breed. Commonly called a designer mutt, this dog is bright, energetic, non-shedding and has looks that many people love. It’s kind of a classic mutt that you’d picture heading down to the fishing hole in Mayberry RFD.

2 Responses to “Golden Doodle – Poodle Golden Retriever Mix”

  1. Dog Photos says:

    Spot on with this site! I truly think this mix of dog in the picture. I will be back to check out more dog photos.

  2. tee benny says:

    looks so cute good non shed i use to have a golden loved him could not keep up with the hair
    is this breed a watch dog need to be alerted in case of burglars
    is the fur soft
    what is the price
    where is he located

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