Great Pyrenees Bluetick Coonhound Mix

Great Pyrenees Bluetick Coonhound Mix picture

Great Pyrenees Bluetick Coonhound Mix

From Lexy: Chase is a Great Pyrenees Bluetick Coonhound mix. He is a very calm little boy. He is very content being in the same room as us but not right under our feet. Chas is very independent. He loves to sniff everything.

I think that is the Bluetick Coonhound in him and he is currently at 70 pounds and was born on 22nd of December 2013 so about 8 months old we got his breeds tested by Wisdom Panel and found out he was a Bluetick Coonhoundd and Great Pyrenees mix.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Chase, the Great Pyrenees Coonhound mix, has the almost exact marking as my 7 month Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix. Mine has a longer coat, but they could pass as brothers. If I could upload a pic you would see what I’m talking about. He is around 80 lbs now and very intelligent, he knows all basic commands after telling him maybe twice and never had to house train, he just goes to the door and waits on you. We have had him since 3 months old. What a joy to have him.

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