Kaeeeko the Greyhound Labrador Retriever Mix

Greyhound Labrador Retriever Mix Photo Picture

Greyhound Labrador Retriever Mix

From Piper: My dog is super incredible! Kaeeko (comes from a Hawaiian word meaning big waves) is a one of a kind dog! She stands 32 inches tall and can jump exactly 4 times height!! thats like 8 feet in the air!! And her personal record for the long jump 3 months ago, at only 5 months was a jump of 10 feet! that’s about as close to 12 year old human doing the long jump in track! If you said this dog dosen’t has a big future ahead of her you must be crazy!!

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  1. A&B says:

    I swear my dog could do the same!! I’m not 100% sure if Greyhound is what she’s mixed with, but I’ve got a pretty good feeling she is!!

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