Labrador Retriever Greyhound Mix

Greyhound Labrador Retriever Mix

Labrador Retriever Greyhound Mix

I am not sure if a half Labrador Retriever half  Greyhound mix could run fast or retrieve anything from the water but I expect this would be a dog with a great and loyal personality.  This would be one that is hard to figure out just what it is. The one pictured here looks a little like a Great Dane mixed with who knows what.

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  1. john cammarata says:

    I own a 3 year old greyhound/Labrador retriever mix, named myles. He weighs about 60lbs, and his body is the size of a smaller greyhound. His face is that of a lab, as is his coat, with the frame of a greyhound. due to his greyhound frame, he sits and lays like a greyhound, similar to that of the Spinx. He has random bursts of energy that are worn off by long walks of a mile or more, other than that he lazily lays around the house. He runs like a greyhound, and is faster than all other dogs, except for full greyhounds. He loves to retrieve/hunt, but his recall skills are not so great, as he is easily distracted due to superior vision typical of greyhounds.

    • KErri says:

      We just adopted a 1.5yr old dog that we are assuming to be lab/greyhound mix. He has the face of a blockhead chocolate lab, but the very thin long body of a greyhound. He is tall but only weights 64lbs. He is very needy for attention even after having him for 4months. He drools at the sight of food, and jumps in the air when we get in the car in hopes he is going for run with me somewhere.
      Does this sound anything like your mix?
      His previous owners thought he was pure lab, but I knew different from his body type and owning other labs. The vet thinks either part greyhound or boxer.
      Thanks for any information about your dog.

  2. Jessica says:

    I adoped a 6 month lab/greyhound/cocker spanial. His name is Winston. I did a DNA test for Winston to find out all the breeds. I was very suprised with the greyhound. He is a sweet boy. 45 pounds black with a white mark on his chest. He loves to run and swim. I enjoy watching his run with his long body and how grace full his runs.

  3. Daniel says:

    I have a 2 year old that is 50% lab, 25% greyhound (or perhaps miniature greyhound), and 25% beagle. It is an excellent dog. He weights about 40 pounds, but his brothers and sisters almost all weigh less. He runs really fast and plays a lot, and fetches with the best of labs that I’ve seen. He also is very intelligent, and after he learned his first command, he has picked up on every other faster than any dog I’ve ever had. He is also good at communicating, and telling you what he wants. Most of the time though, he just lays around like a lab would, but he is also very independent. He almost looks kind of like a show dog. Couldn’t ask for a better mix. Previously I have had labs, yorkies, rottweilers, a Chihuahua (sp?), German Shorthairs, American Bulldogs, and a different type of mutt.

  4. daquarius says:

    I need your help you guys i have a lab mix but i dont know what shes mix with she a tanish color skinny in the back and energentic but scary and big long and tall and likes to eat and loves to feech and she loves to go outside but i need yall help tell me what she is

  5. Curt Slater says:

    I got my greyhound/golden lab’s dna done for a total of $72. Canadian from DNA My They send you two swabs and you swab the inside cheeks, mail in the envelope provided, email a photo of your dog. In two to three weeks you get a certificate with up to 5 levels of breeds and photo. Woody’s was Golden Retriever, Greyhound, Mastiff and Staffordshire. Check it out. I had no problems and can’t stop raving about it. They have donated over $70,000. to animal rescue so far.

  6. G.A. Clark says:

    Sophie is my cream-colored 6-year-old Lab/Greyhound mix. She’s stately, regal, and receives many compliments (“What kind of beautiful dog is that?”). She weighs 75 pounds, has the head and fur of a Lab, body, long legs, and ears of a Greyhound. Her appetite is poor, and therefore she’s on the thin side. Behavior is more Greyhound than Lab: she sleeps as much as a cat–a real couch potato who exhibits occasional bursts of energy–can run like the wind–but not very often, and only for a minute or two. Although she greets people she knows with enthusiasm and great gusto, she requires very little exercise (doesn’t run around with the other dogs in the dog park, although she chases squirrels). She is bored after retreiving a ball twice, and she hates water. She understands many words, is exceptionally quiet, sweet, loving, smart, and appreciates being near people of all sizes. Sophie dislikes squirrels, rabbits, and coyotes, and with her amazing eyesight, can spot one a hundred yards away. This mostly lethargic, intelligent, Grey-Lab combination would be ideal for an elderly person or apartment dweller, but probably not as a companion for a hiker, bicyclist, or family with children who would be happier with an active, busy dog. She’s the best dog I’ve ever had and I’ve had many.

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