Lynde the Dutch Shepherd Greyhound Mix

Dutch Shepherd Greyhound Mix Dog Picture

Dutch Shepherd Greyhound Mix

From Carol: Lynde is a Dutch Shepherd Greyhound mix. We got her after she’d been turned back into rescue twice. She was 4 months old when we brought her home. She has an insane ball and toy drive, sees ‘prey’ in anything small (including my 17 yr old Italian greyhound mix rescue – 🙁 ) . We obviously didn’t keep her busy enough as a puppy and I am minus 1 leather couch, 2 dining room chairs, and 3 pairs of shoes to prove that.
She is about 4 inches too tall for Dutch Shepherd breed standard and a few pounds too heavy – she is 27 inches (at the shoulder) and 72 pounds – 2 yrs old now. She has very long slender legs. Her facial features say Dutch but her ears don’t stand up and her tail looks like a fuzzy curly donut.

I love my stripey baby!!

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