Harrier Hound Mix – One Eyed Jack

Harrier Hound Mix

Harrier Hound Mix

Harrier Hound Mix

We adopted One Eyed Jack or Jack/Jacky, as we call him, when he was about 3 months old. When we first met him, we noticed he was blind in one eye, hence the pirate name :).

We really have no idea what kind of dog he is, definitely a country mutt though! His papers said three different things, Pittbull mix, Terrier mix, and Rat Terrier. When we brought him to our vet she said that he probably is none of those things, but more like a Mountain Cur, or some other hound mix.

He is from Georgia; the vet said this type hunting hound mix breed is common in the southern US. He is now a little over 1 year old and we are still hearing lots of different guesses, the most common is Beagle, but he is a little taller and heavier than the average at 55lbs, but there is some other breed there for sure anyway. I think he looks like a Harrier/Pointer/Fox hound/St. Bernard/Terrier/Lab/Feist/Cur mix, haha.

American Mutt Personality

He wiggles like a boxer, has webbed toes like a retriever, has lots of black spots on his belly and nose, has lots of loose skin on his neck, holds his tail medium to upright and curved, sheds a lot and year round, loves to swim, has been obsessed with fetch since we brought him home as a pup, is quick to learn and intelligent, but very stubborn at times, very active and enjoys lots of mental and physical stimulation, has a great homing beacon – always comes back when off leash, he has a loud, deep bark and doesn’t howl at all, he is very protective of our home and two little boys, but excessively friendly once he knows the person/animal is safe, non-stop lover – always wants to snuggle, kiss and play, he even shares his bones and toys (to a degree).

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  1. Kate says:

    I wish I knew how to upload a picture of my dog, Beau. He is from Tennessee and looks EXACTLY like Jack. I mean every part of him looks the same. Beau is also 50ish lbs. The shelter called him a “lab mix” and two different vets have laughed and said no he’s “Heinz 57” mix of southern hunting breeds. HIs personality is exactly as you describe, as well. He is skittish around people still (I’ve had him for 8 months), but he is so gentle and sweet. Really energetic and athletic, but he listens so well and is great with kids and other dogs. I can also off leash him and he will chase and tree things, but always comes back on my call. My friends call him the perfect southern gentleman! I have no idea what he is but I believe he is Jack’s twin! I have run into people hiking that say he is clearly a mountain cur. He sniffs everything in the world so I have to believe there is hound in there. He also seems like a boxer to me.

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