Barry the Irish Setter Kenyan Fox Hound Mix

Kenyan Foxhound Irish Setter Mix Obama dog

Kenyan Foxhound Irish Setter Mix

From Stefanie: Barry is an Irish Setter Kenyan Foxhound mix. His mom was an Irish Setter. His father was a dog that was seen briefly around the neighborhood. He was later identified as a Kenyon Foxhound.

I guess you could say his breed has a bit of everything except the working group. He was easy to train but he could only be trained to do a few things. He can speak and can point. We tried to train him to sit, stay and rollover and he only learned to rollover but it always takes him awhile to finally rollover. When we tried to teach him to speak, it only took one try and he spoke for about 12 minutes and kept looking from side to side. We hate to ask him to speak because he won’t stop. LOL

Barry really is a pointer.  One night, we got home and found a lamp was broken. We found Barry pointing at a picture of our previous dog, Jorge, like is blaming the dog that was no longer around.  LOL

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  2. Brad says:

    How much for this dog? Lmfao.

  3. 401AK47 says:

    I am big on adoption, but this one seems like he’s more trouble than he’s worth.

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