Pistol the Vizsla Labrador Retriever Mix

Vizsla Labrador Retriever Mix Dog Picture

Vizsla Labrador Retriever Mix

From Laura: Pistol is a Vizsla Labrador Retriever mix. Meet 8 month old Pistol Annie~ She is loyal, gentle, protective, loves children, water, running and outdoor activities. She follows me everywhere. I cannot even take the trash out without her. We rescued her from the SPCA 2 weeks ago, was told she was a lab/hound, but the more I look at her I think Vizsla? But not sure what else she is mixed with, she does not have the Ridgeback trademark, her underbelly is lighter than her rust color coat, and white on paws. Eye color is amazing-matches her coat. Just an awesome mannered and quick learning breed. I have been looking at the Hungarian Vizsla and other mixtures… Would like your thoughts. Thanks

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  1. Jenny says:

    Definitely some vizsla in there! Ears/forehead/eyes look just like my little one, but the muzzle is a bit shorter than normal (could be the angle of the picture). Eyes matching coat is a trademark of the breed, although yours looks a lot lighter than I’ve seen. White spots do happen with vizslas, and are within the AKC breed standards if on the chest (mine has a little superman patch). Personality sounds pure “velcro dog” to me!

  2. T says:

    OH MAN…that looks exactly like my old dog Jack, an abandoned dog I rescued in the Jackson Plaza (hence, the name)! Vet put his age around 18-24 months when I got him. 55-60 lbs. He was part lab, part Vizsla, part Weimaraner. Eager to please, high energy, cuddle bug, shockingly EASY to train, barked 3 times in his whole life, loved wee animals, and we did dog therapy with veterans (he LOVED it). He lived with me for 16 years, so he was at least 17 1/2 when he died. Same colours, eyes matched his coat, pink nose, pink lips. When he went white as he aged, his eyes, nose, lips got “darker” with the contrast–cute! Only caution I have for you: Vizslas and Weimaraners tend to have SEPARATION ANXIETY. Keep a lid on it or it can get out of control (I train dogs). My friends swore there was an angel inside Jack’s body. Best of love and a long life to all in your family, furry and otherwise!

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