Tony Danza a Miniature Pinscher Terrier Mix

Miniature Pinscher Terrier Mix Picture Photo

Miniature Pinscher Terrier Mix

From Julie: Tony is a Miniature Pinscher Terrier mix. He is sweet, gentle mutt from our local shelter. We feel so lucky to have found such a wonderful dog. He is friendly, loving, lively and loyal. His coat is a light golden brown with white tips. He is 21 lbs, and at 13 months is full-grown, according to the vet. He is calm & quiet unless his bark is needed, whip smart & easily masters tricks and commands, as well as house-training. Cuddly, charming, and loving, Tony is an absolute gem of a dog, and wins over even those who claim not to be ‘dog people.’

The shelter had very little info on Tony but did say he looked Rat Terrier-ish, and they think his long skinny legs are from his min-pin genes. He really is the best dog…when people meet him, dog sit him, or just hang out with him for a bit all want to take him home. But we’d never let them! 🙂

We love your site! Mutts make the best pets and friends, because they have the best of all breeds built in to their genes. Any one considering adding a pet dog to the family should ALWAYS consider mutts first, especially rescue/shelter dogs who need loving homes.

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