Gracie the Rat Terrier Poodle Mix

Rat Terrier Poodle Mix Picture Photo

Rat Terrier Poodle Mix

From Kat: Gracie is a hairless Rat Terrier Poodle mix.  She has non-shedding, hypoallergenic hair is like a person’s. We have allergies to cats and dogs but not to her. Gracie has a great personality, obedient, in touch with moods, half lap dog half sporting dog.  She adapts quickly to new surroundings and has a great memory. (Gracie knows which unit is our condo 10 hours away. After 10 hr car ride, gets on elevator, goes straight to condo.) Picks up English vocab very easily. Great retrieval, bird dog, incredibly fast 25+mph. Happy to lay around with you too. Gets along awesomely with our cats, they are part of our pack, but will bark and chase off raccoons.

We had no idea what she was (suspected the Terrier but not the Hairless one) until her DNA test came back this week. It seems as if someone want to breed the ultimate allergy-free small size fun and affectionate dog, and we happened to be lucky enough to get her.

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  1. Susan Harrington says:

    Your darling Gracie could the sister of my shelter dog, they look so much alike. She is the only picture I have found on the web that looks anything like mine. Could you give measurements and what state she is from?

  2. wendy nellis says:

    Like Susan, We’ve been trying to identify our little dog’s breed. He looks just like Gracie, but his ears are standing up like a terrier. At only 6 lbs, Valentino is darling and his personality sounds like Gracies. He was a little lost dog who was found on Valentines Day, thus his name, and has been a bright spot in our home.

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