Pudge – Pug Miniature Schnauzer Mix

Pug Miniature Schnauzer Mix Photo Picture

Pug Miniature Schnauzer Mix

From Tim: Pudge is a very loving, affectionate dog. He’s only maybe 10″ tall at the shoulder, and at first glance looks like a pitbull puppy, but is a Pug  Miniature Schnauzer mix. He was born with a tail so short that looks like it was docked. He loves people! He’s very attentive and eager to do what it takes to make friends with EVERYONE! He’s very protective of the house and while he isn’t big or strong enough to be a guard dog, his bark warns us of people outside. He acts like he is a big dog! So “tough” and arrogant. When the other animals mess up, he’s the first to let ’em know! Even our other dog Bandit! He’s king of the house!

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