Pomeranian Australian Shepherd Mix – Bear

Pomeranian Australian Shepherd Mix pictures

Pomeranian Australian Shepherd Mix

From Rose: Bear is a Pomeranian Australian Shepherd mix. Bear is a very loving, protective well mannered dog. He is very active loves exercise, playing peek a boo, playing fetch but doesn’t like giving back the item you throw he likes to tease.

He’ll follow me or my kids everywhere we go in the house, likes to cuddle. Bear also has a favorite song he sings too. When I’m cooking he’s right there on the floor sitting all proper with his paws
crossed watching me.

Border Collie Newfoundland Mix – Gertie

Border Collie Newfoundland Mix

Border Collie Newfoundland Mix

Border Collie Newfoundland Mix

From Jodi: Gertie is an 8-month old, 74 pound bundle of trouble. She is a big clown who tends to get into things.

Gertie is a Border Collie Newfoundland mix. She is lean and lanky with long legs. Her body is white with black spotting, and her face has symmetric black markings that extend to her ears. She has a distinctive black heart-shaped spot on her nose, and she has heart-shaped paw pads.

Gertie enjoys going for long walks and mountain hikes. She never met a stranger and loves all animals, too. Gertie completes our family.

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Spaniel German Shepherd Mix

Spaniel German Shepherd Mix

Spaniel German Shepherd Mix

From Haley: Murphy was rescued from Puerto Rico in January 2010. He was then known as “Bear,” probably because he is like a little Teddy Bear. He is always ready to snuggle! He is like a furry person the way you can read the emotions on his face, especially when he has a big smile.

He is 40lbs, has “snowshoes” (furry toes). He has long-furred curly tail, and his cotton-candy fur crimps when it is wet! He has a big wide shepherd butt, and the little head and long neck of a spaniel. Possible breeds could be German Shepherd, Tibetan Spaniel, Australian Shepherd, Borzoi, and who knows what else! Anyone have any ideas?

Shar-Pei Mix with Samoyed Pooka

Shar-Pei Mix With Samoyed

Samoyed Shar-Pei Mix

From Jacqueline: Pooka is a lively “Sampei” puppy, Shar-Pei Mix with Samoyed. He is new to my home and already taking over my heart. He LOVES rolling around in the snow, and trying to make friends with the less-than-willing cat. We are still learning things like where to go to the bathroom, and no the couch is NOT a toy. But for only being seven weeks old he is learning fast!

He loves sleeping with a “pillow” under his face, whether that be his favorite stuffed dragon or my leg. Going on walks isn’t something that we do quite yet, as any resistance to the leash results in a flop over or a quick lay down. (Preferably in the snow.)

German Shepherd Mix – Rosie

German Shepherd Mix picture

German Shepherd Mix

From Nicole: Rosie is a 2.5 year old German Shepherd mix whom I rescued from the Humane Society when she was 4 months old. They did not know what other breeds she was, nor did they know her history except that she had been very sick as a puppy. Our best guess is that she is also part Border Collie and possibly Labrador Retriever.

She is fully grown at 47 lbs. and is in very good health. Her coloring is German Shepherd, but she has softer facial features, and collie-like hair behind her ears. The rest of her coat is extremely soft and smooth.
Now, Rosie is an extremely energetic dog who loves to play fetch and tug-of-war. She loves to go to the beach and hiking. She is also very loving, cuddly, and mommy and daddy-oriented. She gets jealous when we play with or pet another dog. She gets frightened very easily, and will urinate if too nervous or overexcited. When we take her to the dog park, she loves to play with other German Shepherd mixes and huskies. She will always go right to a husky to play, but usually shies away from pure bred Shepherds. She is very good at adapting her style of play to whatever other dog she is playing with at the time. She is extremely fast, agile, and strong!

She demonstrates a hunting posture whenever she smells, hears, or sees a smaller animal (ducks, birds, squirrels, etc.), so I know she definitely has some type of hunting breed in her as well.

She learns new tricks pretty quickly and easily, but often times her fear and anxiety cause her to seem less than intelligent. She has absolutely mastered the “puppy-dog eyes”, and can coerce even the most stubborn of people to pay her attention with just a look.

Labrador Retriever Border Collie Mix – Brixton

Labrador Retriever Border Collie Mix Picture

Labrador Retriever Border Collie Mix

From Agatha: Brixton is an awesome puppy! He just turned 1 and is a rambunctious, friendly boy. He is a Labrador Retriever/American Pit Bull Terrier / Border Collie mix that we rescued from a high kill shelter.

He loves to swim in the summer, loves to herd one of my cats, a Maine Coon who thinks he’s a dog, which is why they get along so well! As for my other cats, he wishes they would play with him, but they’re older, so they basically keep him company when we are out, and keep him in line when he gets too mischievous!

He is medium sized, about 65 pounds, and loves to go for runs and long hikes. He bounds like a gazelle through brush, loves jumping over fallen tree trunks in the woods. Its probably the Border Collie in him, but when he’s running off leash he loves to run in a large perimeter, mostly in a large circle.

He knows basic commands, and loves to eat! He eats a natural, holistic, grain-free diet, and is a well balanced dog, not hyper like some dogs we’ve run into at dog parks. He’s such a smart, funny guy, and lots of outdoor exercise keeps him healthy and happy!

Jack Russell Terrier Mix – Rosie

Jack Russell Terrier Mix picture

Jack Russell Terrier Mix

From McGee: Rosie is a Jack Russell Terrier Mix. Rosie is about 17 lbs. She has a ton of fun with our cat. She likes other dogs, even though sometimes she is not interested in them. She is extremely “alpha”. She will make the biggest dogs lie down to her.

She is extremely stubborn and persistent. She has a huge personality that will keep you laughing. It be the funny faces with her big ears and funny underbite, her “aggressive” cuddling or watching her run circles around and box with our cat.

She really hates loud noises such as thunder and fireworks.  She gets so scared that she needs melatonin at times to get through storms.

American Pit Bull Terrier Mix With Cane Corso

American Pit Bull Terrier Mix With Cane Corso Picture

Cane Corso American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

From Ashley: Hercules is a American Pit Bull Terrier Mix With Cane Corso. He is a very good listener,although sometimes he’s thick headed, he is the biggest mush ever. Loves cuddling and loves training.

He doesn’t realize how strong he is sometimes. He is short but very strong his chest is huge . He gets along with other dogs and cats. I have another dog besides him and 4 cats. He’s good with younger kids and adults.

He is very laid back and is great in the car. Also he’s a big mammas boy. (:


Note from AllMutt: Did AllMutt ever mention that we are fans of Pit Bulls and Parolees. American Pit Bull Terrier Mix is one of the most popular mixes on AllMutt!

Akita Labrador Retriever Mix – Crowshoe

From Vanadis: Meet Crowshoe the Labrador Retriever mix with possibly Akita, he is the nicest dog I have ever known. I can roll him over like a big dough ball, he asks for some belly scratches , cuddles and kisses from everyone. He is really intelligent but he likes to troll us a lot.

He was a stray when I adopted him, I never regretted it. He has great tolerance toward kids and annoying dogs . Our cat is in love with him.

One of the best things about him is that we can trust him . I can let him out and he’ll stay inside our yard all the time. I can walk him unleashed , he wont run off. I only do it if I am not in the city though.

Dachshund Mix with Australian Terrier

Dachshund Mix with Australian Terrier

Australian Terrier Dachshund Mix

From Winnie: It was a rainy Saturday, one dark autumn morning, when fate would have it, destiny awaited off an adoption truck from Animal Care & Control of NYC on a corner of Union Square.

Lunadee “Luna” was 9 lbs, 1 year old. She is an Australian Terrier Dachshund mix. She was surrendered by her previous keeper.

This tiny angel without wings found a forever home in my heart. Everywhere I go, she’s spotted. She is everything I want, she got it. She is 1’1″ with brown eyes. She smiles like the moonrise. Luna is a beautiful creature of nobility, fine tastes and city life.

She enjoys terrorizing squirrels, napping in circular form, and long walks in the dark of the night with her faux leopard fur coat. With the regal face of a fox, the squiggly moves of an otter, the mane of a lion, the flawlessness of Beyoncé Knowles, and crimped locks of a 80’s teen, she is truly one of a kind.

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Chesapeake Bay Retriever Mix with Akita & Staffordshire

Staffordshire Akita Chesapeake Bay Retriever Mix

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Staffordshire Akita Mix

From Jeanie: Zoey is a American Staffordshire Terrier Akita Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. I added Zoey shortly after we rescued her. Our best guess was Labrador Retriever and American Pit Bull Terrier mix. Recently, we had her DNA tested. We were surprised at her heritage!

She is a great dog. She is still a little hyper and prone to the 6:00 p.m. zoomies. We live in two different places. One is the country and one is in a small coastal town. She has been very adaptable to both. It’s almost like she has her country personality and her city personality. We love our pretty girl!

Bang-Boom a Wirehaired Terrier Pomeranian Mix

Wirehaired Fox Terrier Pomeranian Mix

Pomeranian Wirehaired Fox Terrier Mix

From Amberly: Bang-Boom a Wirehaired Fox Terrier Pomeranian mix. She is one spunky lady!! We’ve had her for a little over a year, got her when she was just a puppy. When we got her she was so timid, hid under the bed all the time, was very shy around other people. We rescued her from a really bad situation that had even given Parvo!!!

We were lucky enough to save her life. She is very smart , can make you laugh and love to snuggle. She plays when you want to and will be lazy when you want to be lazy. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without her neither could my 4 year old son and husband. Her hair looks like she has the wire hair but it is soft like a Pom. She has some serious bed head

Diesel an American Pit Bull Terrier German Wirehaired Pointer Mix

American Pit Bull Terrier German Wirehaired Pointer Mix picture

American Pit Bull Terrier German Wirehaired Pointer Mix

From Ashley:This dog is the best dog I’ve had. When he was a puppy about 4 months old he did not have to be on a leash when taken out, and he also picked up alot of training in that stage like sit, no,come, the normal stuff. Now at about a year and a half years old he loves coming fishing in the boat and just sleeps and relaxes ocassionaly being hyper and swimming . Listens and is very loyal to the owner (me) . Very goofy and lazy around the house.he loves playing and cuddling. He loves other people and animals well known. Strangers to him (dog wise) he will bark and get very territorial on occasion. Got him as a pupp from a Co worker because she had puppies from her two dogs. Couldn’t be more happier with any other dog. He’s amaxing with people and loves my 4 cats and my other pitbull . Great with the family and little kids !

American Pit Bull Terrier Rat Terrier Mix

American Pit Bull Terrier Rat Terrier Mix picture

American Pit Bull Terrier Rat Terrier Mix

From Olivia: Abby is an American Pit Bull Terrier Rat Terrier mix. Abby is 6 months old and a little under 30 lbs. She’s pretty long, has shorter legs, and is very muscular. She is observant and loves to watch birds, cats, lizards, etc. She is a hunter at heart. She’s also very sensitive.

She must be treated very gently as she gets hurt feelings easily. She responds really well to positive reinforcement. In a week’s time, she was potty-trained, could sit, catch, and give her paw. She is a licker and absolutely adores to cuddle and be loved on.

Eve the Dachshund English Bulldog Mix

English Bulldog Dachshund Mix picture

Dachshund English Bulldog Mix

From Jessa: Eve is a strong willed, stubborn mix. She is quite independent, not a cuddle dog, etc. I got her as a six month year old puppy and that was quite a challenge – but it was more our style of ignorant dog ownership than her being flawed.

She is quite stubborn and seems to lack the inherent desire of most dogs to please her owners – she wants to do what she wants, on her terms, on her timing. Which makes her a bear to train, but it is not impossible. I have currently trained her to be a psychological service dog. Whether by fluke of her noticing my ‘issues’ or what, she does a pretty great job of helping me out. When I fleetingly catch glimpses into her personality it makes things much easier and training is much improved.

She is three years old and still looks like a puppy of some larger, monstrous breed. I think she will always look as a puppy. Her current weight is around 45lbs, and she is not over weight, I can still see a waist in there! Very food driven and a real lovebug in her own way.

The only caution I would give to individuals desiring to acquire this breed is that joint problems are a bit of a concern, her back legs sit higher than her front which resemble more of a dachshund, so she does experience some stiffness.

Other than that, a great watchdog, a great play companion and loves her walks!