Prissy – Pharoah Hound Redbone Coonhound Mix

Pharoah Hound Redbone Coonhound Mix Photo Picture

Pharoah Hound Redbone Coonhound Mix

From Jules: She loves to sleep under balankets curled up in a ball. Very active running jumping standing on the back of the sofa good with kids. She follows the owner every where. Protective of her house not in a mean way. Her ears stick straight up at all times. She is skittish at times.

We got her a year ago and have been trying to figure out what she is..I got her from a free ad they said she was a year old maybe a little older. We would love to know about what she might be she is from Florida they got her at a rescue, and is now with us in Pennsylvania. If you know what she might be or is please let me know thanks!

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  1. Adam says:

    My dog, Dozer looks just like her. We got him in Atlanta a year and a half ago. The shelter we got him from said he was a Corgi Hound mix. They even seem to have similar personalities.

    How big is Prissy? Dozer is about 60lbs but a bit stumpy in the legs.

  2. Thomas says:

    Wow, Almost the spitting image of my Koa. She is also a rescue I got from Florida, Jacksonville, I used to volunteer at the humane society. We got her in October 2010 at the time she was already around 6 months, no one could be sure, she came from another shelter due to over flow, we were told her entire liter was a rescue and split apart due to the overflow the original shelter had. the personality matches Koa’s to a tee as well, the only time she has ever barked is when she saw someone looking in the window she didn’t know.

    In which I promptly rewarded that. Koa is about 25 pounds.

  3. Thomas says:

    Wow, exactly like My Koa, who we got from Florida shelter as well and also a rescue, we were told her whole litter was a rescue and rather large one from a hoarder, but the original shelter couldn’t handle it so they were shipped to through out FL and Ga , I used to volunteer at the humane society when she came in, personality to a tee too. She goes with me everywhere, well, everywhere that dogs can go. I got Koa in October of 2010, we guessed she was about 6-8 months then. that would put here about 3 years and 1-3 months old now. She is a Little above 2ft tall on all fours, and about 30 pounds. Also a rescue from humane society here in Florida I volunteered at. Description fits her to a tee.

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