Bella – Pointer Shar-Pei Mix

Pointer Shar Pei Mix Picture Shar-Pei

Pointer Shar-Pei Mix

Bella is a Shar-Pei Shepard Pointer mix. In this picture, Bella is about 4 months old. She is the most sweet and loving girl, but very independent like Shar Peis tend to be. She loves going to the dog park and playing with her dog friends. Because Bella is unusual looking, I get asked very often “what is she?” She loves to play in the water and swim.

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  1. Richard says:

    you look similar to my Big Boy who just passed here this week. He made it to 19 yrs old.
    Lots of Love and Good Food always Help.
    will be looking for another Mix Rescue dog soon
    See I am 70 and places Don’t want to let me have a rescue dog.
    Amazing when You Get Old It Hard to find a Good Home

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