Miss Wrinkles the Shar Pei Pointer Mix

Shar Pei Pointer Mix Dog Photo

Shar Pei Pointer Mix

From Paula: My name is Miss Wrinkles and I am a Shar Pei Pointer mix. I live in the desert with my Mommy and Daddy and Brother Bentley, and next door to Nonnie and Poppie, who have Baby Girl. I love to play outside with Baby…and then go into Nonnie’s house and take a nap on her bed with Baby and Bentley.

When I see a bird in the yard, I bark like crazy until everyone comes to see it. Then I use my excellent pointer skills to show Daddy where it is so he can shoot it with his camera! Yesterday Baby Girl and I cornered a rattlesnake in the flower bed so Poppie could kill it. He was very proud of us!

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