Pugs the Pug Rottweiler Mix

Pug Rottweiler Mix

Pug Rottweiler Mix

From Sally:  Pugs is a Pug Rottweiler Mix. I adopted him 2 years ago and they said he was a pug mix with Chihuahua. After researching I realized that he was a Pug with Rottie. He is very strong and has all the markings of a Rottie, yet he has the Pug tail, a little bit of the protruding eyes and the weird coughing sound when he raises his head to high. He is very smart and guards like a rottie but has the funny silliness of a Pug.

When i adopted him he did not know how to play, chew on a bone, or just be a dog. He acted like a cat! He uses his nose to cover up his pee.

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