Founder the Heeler Mix

Heeler Mix

Heeler Mix

From Selena: Founder is a Founder was “found” on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. She is a small heeler mix of about 30lbs with a blood piercing bark and an adventuresome personality. She has the little dog complex and hates being around bigger dogs if she can’t be the alpha female.

I’ve been curious about what breeds Founder has in her, but I think they might be: Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog, Jack Russell Terrier, Pitbull, and maybe Coyote. Let me know if you have any other ideas of what she might be.


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  1. Christina Whirley says:

    She looks identical to my dog Beast and Beast was a blue heeler coyote mix. It can explain her aggressive behavior, Coyote’s don’t like to be messed with and Beast was like that too.

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